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Keylogger for MacOS Features

Since 2005, Aobo Keylogger for Mac, has been featured as the only keylogger spy app for Mac that logs keystrokes, Passwords, chats, websites, screenshots, IP locations and secretly delivers all the activities to you by email or FTP. As the best keylogger for OS X, Aobo keylogger has been used by 100000 users all over the world and help them to monitor someone secretly.

A Key Logger for Mac not only takes record of all the keystrokes inputted, but also logs various critical behaviors such as web visits, chats over imessage, skype and takes screenshots of what the monitored users do on the Macs. Modern parents care about how their children use computers, phones and iPad tablets. Aobo keylogger for Mac is recognized as the best parental monitoring solution for parental control on Mac OS X computers. Here are list of features for this key logger on MacOS.

  • Invisible Spy App Run in Stealth
  • Capture Screenshots Take Screenshots
  • Social Spy App Social Activities
  • Keylogger Spy Password Key Logger
  • IM Chat Spy Instant Messages
  • Websites Spy Websites Visited
  • Chats Spy Chat Logs Typed
  • Log IP Addresss Track IP Address
  • Remote Keylogger Mac Get Logs by Email/FTP

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A MacOS keylogger is an invisible tool that records every password and keystroke to an hidden log file invisibly. The recorded activity logs can be sent secretly via ftp or email, we recommend creating a dedicate mail account for logs from Aobo Keylogger for Mac. Keystroke recorders also take record of Internet activity by logging the URL addresses of all visited websites.

Keyloggers monitor name and open time of the active applications, and capture all texts entered by users with a keyboard. Aobo Keylogger is widely used as the Perfect Keylogger for Mac to monitor kids, employees or someone you care. Do your kids spend all day on the Internet but you have no clue what they are doing? Are your employees playing games, leaking company secrets or actually working? Aobo Keylogger for Mac will help you keep an eye on them and Find out the Truth!

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Aobo Keylogger is designed to record each keystroke entered on the Macs on which they are installed. Some keyloggers also automatically log which Apps are running, and send logs to whoever installed it without the user's knowledge, which creating a discreet method for monitoring jobs.

Aobo Keylogger for Mac is a professional software for monitoring activities on Apple Mac computers. The keylogger has 10 years history and it's a quality keylogger invisibly records every password and single keystroke typed, captures both sides of chats in iMessages, Skype, records websites visited and makes screenshots of all user activities.