Full Features of Aobo Mac Keylogger

Aobo Mac Keylogger is the best and most powerful monitoring software for Mac OS X that allows Mac users to monitor all the activities done even when they are away. The keylogger for Mac provides many powerful features to help you protect your children, supervise employees, and keep track of home Mac activity. After install and setup, Aobo Keylogger for Mac OS X will:

Comparison: Aobo Mac Keylogger Standard and Professional Edition

Comparison Standard Professional
Run in stealth
Record keystrokes
Retrieve web history
Log typed Facebook chats
Log instant messages
Take desktop snapshots
Send logs via email/FTP
Track IP address
Password protected
Customizable hotkey
Log typed passwords
National keystroke layout
Admin password required

How does Aobo Mac Keylogger Work?

  1. Install Simply. After downloading Aobo Keylogger for Mac, you can take simple steps to install it on your Mac. If you want to install Aobo Keylogger for Mac Standard or Trial version, just double click "Abk". For Professional edition, please simply install it following the guide in ReadMe-Pro.pdfin your downloaded Aobo Keylogger Pro package.

  2. Log Invisibly. After you finish the installation of Aobo Mac Keylogger, you can configure it according to your preference. It works every time the Mac starts, so it will monitor all things happening on Mac silently and automatically.

  3. View Remotely. All logs will be recorded and sent to the email or uploaded to the FTP you select in advance, so users can check logs recorded by Aobo Keylogger for Mac remotely on any computer or mobile phone which is connected to the Internet.

Aobo Mac Keylogger Features Review!

Work in Completely Invisible Mode

Aobo Mac Keylogger works invisibly on the target Mac to provide a better and safer monitoring for Mac users. With the secret and undetectable monitoring, you don’t need to worry that someone may find it. It runs automatically every time the Mac starts, and hides itself in the background of the running Mac, which make it very hard to find even though the users are tech-savvy.

More Details of Invisible Monitoring:

  • Run automatically every time the Mac starts.
  • Hide itself in the background of the Mac.
  • Customize hot key to open the keylogger.
  • Monitor and record everything invisibly.
  • Delivery all logs secretly and automatically.
  • Set password to protect the keylogger.
Stealth Mode

Capture all Keystrokes Typed

Aobo Keylogger for Mac will save every single keystroke typed on the Mac keyboard. It not only keeps track of standard alphanumeric keystrokes, but also records the characters which are typed in hidden mode such as the asterisks *** ( Professional only). It is the most powerful keystroke logger for Mac that helps you record almost everything happening on the targeted devices such as the user account typed, searching content, instant message typed and more.

More Details About Keystroke Recording:

  • Capture keystrokes typed on Mac keyboard.
  • Log hidden characters and Passwords (Professional only).
  • Log the name of the application where the keystroke is typed.
  • Log the name of who types the keystrokes in detail.
  • Log the date and time clearly when the key is typed.
Log Keystrokes

Log Every Password Entered (Professional Only)

Only Aobo Mac Keylogger Professional edition allows users to record all kinds of passwords that are typed on the Mac even if they are hidden. Because passwords are required in many websites or applications nowadays, it is very essential for people who want to figure out what the users often do in the cyber space to have this password recorder installed on target Mac.

More Details of Password Recording:

  • Log all different kinds of passwords typed on Mac.
  • Record passwords including the hidden characters.
  • Log the application in which the password is typed.
  • Log the date and time when the password is typed.
  • Only Professional edition records typed passwords.
Log Passwords

Keep Web Visit History

It is very important to make clear what websites the users usually visit on the Internet if you would like to know how he/she actually behaves online since the website visiting is one of the most common behaviors when people use the computer. Aobo Mac Keylogger will help you keep a list of all URLs of the websites visited in Safari, Firefox and Chrome.

More Details of Website Recording:

  • Record websites visited on Safari/Firefox/Google Chrome.
  • Keep track of all URLs of the visited websites.
  • Log web history even though it is deleted.
  • Record the date and time of the web visiting.
Log Websites

Record IM Chat Conversations

Chatting online is so popular among web users that it has become the breeding-ground for online crime and danger. With Aobo Mac Keylogger, you will know the both-sides instant messages and tell what the users often talk about online, and whom they usually chat with to foresee and prevent the impending bad situations.

More Details About Chat Message Logging:

  • Record both-side chats in Skype, MSN, AIM, iChat and Adium.
  • Log messages typed in instant messenger and LAN application.
  • Record the name of the chat sender or receiver.
  • Log the date and time when the messages are typed.
  • Capture all sent messages by logging typed keystrokes.
Log IM Chats

Keep a Record of Email Content

Aobo Keylogger for Mac enables people to monitor and view all detailed composed content in emails sent by the users on Mac. It captures typed email content by recording keystrokes. It is a useful helper for managers to monitor and tell if the employees reveal company confidential by sending emails to your competitor.

Mode Details of Email Content Logging:

  • Log detailed content of the email sent on the Mac.
  • Record the content by logging the typed keystrokes.
  • Log the date and time when the email is sent.
Log Emails

Record Social Network Activity

Social networks like Facebook or Twitter are so widely used by people all over the world. Many people wallow in posting and sharing whatever they want with friends on their social networking sites. Aobo Mac Keylogger allows you to keep track of all social networking sites the users visit, log all messages the users post, send or comments they make on Mac.

More Details of Social Network Activity Recording:

  • Record the user account typed on Facebook, Twitter and more.
  • Record all social networking sites visited on the Internet.
  • Log all status messages post on social networking sites.
  • Keep track of all comments the users leave on the sites.
  • Record date and time about social network activity.
Log Social Network

Monitor YouTube Activity

YouTube is the most popular video-sharing website that provides many different kinds of videos for the people worldwide. So much bad information flooded it that your children are likely to be distracted to misbehave themselves in their lives. With Aobo Keylogger for Mac, you can easily know what they are seeking for, or what kind of videos they often view on YouTube.

More Details of YouTube Activity Recording:

  • Log the YouTube account information as keystrokes.
  • Record the URLs of the videos watched on YouTube.
  • Record detailed time when the users visit the videos.
  • Log the typed comment the users leave on the videos.
Log Youtube

Take Desktop Snapshots Periodically

Aobo Mac Keylogger helps you take desktop snapshots at a time interval which can be selected by yourself in advance. In this way, you can easily and quickly figure out what the users are doing on Mac in real-time by providing a visual image of the present activity on the screen. It can help a lot of people know more clearly if the users are video chatting with people on Skype or other chat programs.

More Details of Capturing Screenshots:

  • Capture whole desktop screenshot at any interval.
  • Customize the time interval of taking new snapshots.
  • Customize screenshots quality by your preference.
  • Compress the screenshots to save disk space.
  • Pause capturing screenshots when the Mac is inactive.
  • Record the date and time of the taken screenshots.
Take Screenshots

Track Locations by IP Address

Aobo Mac Keylogger tracks the location of the target Mac by recording the IP address information and sends you the information via Email. Therefore, you will have a chance to get back your lost/stolen Mac with Aobo Keylogger.You can know the position by tracking the IP address of your Mac when you check the email automatically sent by the keylogger.

More Details of IP Address Tracking:

  • Track the public IP address of the target Mac.
  • Get the IP address information in your email.
Track IP

Send logs Remotely to Email

Aobo Keylogger possesses the function of automatically sending monitored information as the time interval you set up for it, so that you are able to remotely access all of the recorded logs from your email box whenever you need. It is safer to store all log data in your private email account. And the logs for remote viewing include keystrokes typed, websites visited, desktop and more.

More Details of Email Sending:

  • Receive the recorded logs periodically via email.
  • Check and read logs whenever/wherever Internet is available.
  • It is safer to store the private data to your own email.
Send logs Remotely to Email

Upload Logs Remotely to FTP

Apart from sending logs remotely by Email, Aobo Keylogger for Mac also allows all Mac users to deliver all logs via FTP. FTP uploading enables you to receive all recorded information including the screenshots captured on Mac. With the screenshots, you can know more about what happened to your Mac computer.Get an FTP account here!

Benefits of FTP Uploading:

  • Receive all screenshots captured on Mac computer.
  • Check logs on any devices which is available with Internet access.
  • Monitor multiple devices – Logs can be sent from different devices to one FTP account.
  • Check all logs (keystrokes, websites, passwords, chat conversations) continuously.
  • Allow you to view logs in Finder or Windows Explorer.
  • Show screenshots in a slideshow mode.
  • Check how to use FTP to receive/view logs.
Upload Logs Remotely to FTP

Support Multiple-User Monitoring

There may be more than one user account on your own Mac, and you want the keylogger to work with all the user accounts at the same time. Actually, it is easy for Aobo Keylogger to achieve it. The only one operation you need to do is to click the corresponding button then it will automatically sync your settings by itself.

More Details of Multiple-user Monitoring:

  • Install it on one user account to monitor all the others.
  • Start recording every time the user logs in.
  • Apply the settings to all user accounts with one click.
  • Check others’ logs from your own account on Mac.
Multiple Users

Install and Use It Simply

Download Aobo Keylogger installer and open it, you can immediately install it on the Mac and configure the keylogger to record keystrokes, websites, IM chats, screenshots and send back the logs to your email or FTP account. All of the settings can be simply operated by following the user guide of Aobo Keylogger.

More Details of Easy Installation and Usage:

  • Simply double click installation file to finish installing.
  • Run and record everything done on Mac automatically.
  • Check all recorded logs remotely in your email/FTP.
Easy to Use

Set Password for Better Protection

The password is required to enter Aobo Mac Keylogger, which provides better and safer protection for users. Setting a secret password for the keylogger in case that someone may break into the keylogger, you can effectively stop unauthorized access, settings change or removal of the keylogger for Mac.

More Details of Password Setting:

  • Set password to prevent your keylogger from being invaded.
  • The password is required for anyone who tries to uninstall it.
Password Protection

Automatically Run on Mac

Aobo Keylogger for Mac works automatically every time the Mac starts up, and it will hide its icon in the background of the target Mac as well. By this way, you don’t need to access the Mac computer to open the keylogger when you want to monitor what happened on the Mac, since it is able to run automatically to log everything clearly.

More Details of Runing Automatically:

  • Run automatically every time the Mac starts up.
  • Start up automatically and invisibly without popup.
Automatically Run on Mac
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