Aobo Stealth Keylogger Mac

Aobo Keylogger Mac is updated to new version, which gets great improvement in its stealth working. After installation, Aobo Stealth Keylogger Mac secretly and silently resides itself in your Mac system. Whenever you boot your Mac, Aobo Stealth Keylogger Mac will start running automatically without others’ awareness.

Hide from Dock and Menu Bar
Being invisible from Dock and Menu Bar is the basic requirement for a Stealth Keylogger Mac. And this is always the feature of Aobo Stealth Keylogger Mac.

Hide from Spotlight
When you search something on Mac, you may use Spotlight. Users may get to know an unauthorized installation on their Mac by searching with Spotlight. But Aobo Stealth Keylogger Mac never provides others the chance to do so as the new Aobo Stealth Keylogger Mac perfectly escapes from locating by Spotlight.

Hide from Finder sidebar – Search For
Search For in Finder sidebar is a popular feature used by Mac OS X users. It keeps a log of the files and applications opened, used and changed on the Mac in past days. Aobo Stealth Keylogger Mac removes its traces from Search For by itself even when it is running on the Mac all day along.

Hide from Finder search results
Like Spotlight in Menu Bar, Finder provides search feature on the upper right corner no matter which folder you are in. Aobo Stealth Keylogger Mac is concealed from search in search result to reduce the clue of its existence.

Hide from Login Items
Aobo Stealth Keylogger Mac works as users log in, but it will never show up in Login Items list like other keyloggers and applications do. Users won’t notice there is a new application – Aobo Stealth Keylogger Mac – installed and set to automatically running as Mac starts up even if they modify the account settings.

Users can completely delete Aobo Stealth Keylogger Mac installer folder from the Mac after the installation is finished. The only way users can access the keylogger is to hit a preset key combination and then enter the keylogger password. With Aobo Stealth Keylogger Mac, you are standing closer to the truth.

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