Apple Keystroke Recorder Takes Care of Kids Mac Activity

It is an unrealistic fantasy that parents are able to accompany their kids so as to monitor their kids Mac activities in real time, which turns out to be a waste of parents’ time and is more likely to arouse kids’ detest. Obviously, the loss far outweighs the benefits. At this point, as the wise parents, you need to apply a monitoring tool named recording software to record your kids’ activities on the Mac instead of yourself personally. The Apple keystroke recorder is the new-designed recording software that helps you record all your kids Mac activities no matter it is being presented with the vivid pictures or the specific words.

On the one hand, the Apple keystroke recorder has the ability to capture all the keystrokes typed on the keyboard of the target Mac. That is to say, not only the words on the IM chats, such as the Skype, MSN, AIM, but also the contents on the social networks, such as the Facebook, Twitter, all typed messages can be recorded completely without missing anything. According to that words your kids typed, you can know the friends your kids make online and the recent events that your kids interest most. The final goal is to leave your kids a relatively comfortable online environment in case the so-called friends lead them to go astray or fall into the cyber bullying.

On the other hand, you are able to log all the pictures on the browsers with the Apple keystroke recorder, such as Google Chrome, Firefox. Many kids would like to download some pictures on the internet based on their preferences. After all, pictures can leave more visual impacts than words. Even like that, Mac keylogger won’t ignore any picture presents on your kids’ Mac even though they have deleted the websites history. Whenever you check the pictures your kids downloaded, you can analysis to find out what their true preferences are in their hearts. Gradually, you can know your kids from every aspect. Only when you acknowledge your kids real needs can you find out the best way to guide them.`

In addition, the Apple keystroke recorder can work in a completely invisible way and send the logs to your email address or FTP space directly, which means that the software is difficult to be found by your kids but easy to be checked by you. Undoubtedly, it can be named the most considerate partner to you. Once you have installed the keystroke logger, it surely leaves you a pleasant experience.

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