Learning Center : The Most Efficient Software for Tracking Your MacBook

Since 2005, Aobo Mac Keylogger has stood out as the best software for tracking MacBook, which comes in either two models; the standard model or the professional model, the latter having more advanced features. It is simple-to-install-and-use software and will run automatically once you turn on your MacBook. With the help of this software you […] Tags: , ,

Learning Center : Download a Good Free Keylogger for Children’s Mac

My daughter is going off to college and I am considering downloading a keylogger for her Mac. I was wondering whether I still be able to see what she is doing since she is out of state, like screenshots during Skype, messages via twitter and so on. For watching kids, a good choice is to […] Tags: , ,

Learning Center : Any software to monitor a Macbook without physically accessing it?

Hi, friend. I am looking for software to monitor a Mac computer without physically accessing the target’s Macbook. Any one knows where I can download it? We have been asked lots of time of this kind of questions. Monitoring a Mac computer without physically accessing the target is almost impossible as we have to install […]

Learning Center : What Should Parents Know About Social Networking?

Social networking has changed the way we live nowadays, and it shows its advantages of using the fastest speed to allow us to share whatever we want timely with people online, such as posting the story, photo, video, sending instant messages and much more. According to the investigation of the Facebook, there are 1 billion […] Tags: , , , ,

Learning Center : Monitor the Users on Your Mac by Keylogger for Mac

Keylogger for Mac provides one of the best methods of computer surveillance currently. Keylogger for Mac programs actually backup all the keystrokes created on the target computer keyboard. There are abundant cases where children get themselves into traps on the Internet by visiting inappropriate websites or downloading illegal computer applications. These keylogger for Mac programs […] Tags: , , ,

Learning Center : Powerful Parental Control with a Keylogger for Mac

A keylogger for Apple Mac is a solution that any family using Mac should download. For monitoring children, a keylogger for Apple Mac is essential. The virtual world can be just as dangerous as the real world for children and monitoring them with Mac parental control software is is a matter of great urgency. While […] Tags: , , , ,

Learning Center : What Is Free Keylogger Software for Mac

Are you in need of spy software that records all the stuff which is going on your Macintosh? Are you trying hard to find free keylogger software for Mac to monitor things done on your Mac while you are not around? Many keylogger Mac software users must be very happy when they successfully download free […] Tags: , , , , ,

Learning Center : Mac Lion Keylogger Keeps Children Away From Danger

Today, almost every kid has access to Internet due to the advance in technology. However, as a parent, do you realize the risks involved while your children are surfing the Internet? Are you eager to find a solution that will enable you to know exactly what your children are doing with their Mac Lion without […] Tags: , , ,

Learning Center : Utilize Apple Spy Software to Monitor Children

How could you supervise your children surfing the Internet from anywhere in the world: in another room of your home, at work or even you’re thousands of miles away? How about using Apple spy software to reach your goal? View online activity by Apple spy software Apple spy software recordings are organized into an easy-to-read […] Tags: , , ,

Learning Center : Can I Use Email Apple Spy to Catch A Cheating Spouse?

Those days have gone when a person relies on over-priced private detectors to spy on your dishonest spouse. Today you are able to see almost all activities of your spouse using Mac. Lots of companies sell a wide range of spy software programs for Mac, such as Email Apple Spy. However, most people have the […] Tags: , , ,