Create a new Email account for the Mac Keylogger

If you don’t want to be tracked when you use spy software like Keylogger for Mac, it is recommended to create a new email account with fake contact information and personal information.

Here are some tips about keeping safe and untraceable

1. Use a http proxy or VPN proxy
To keep untraceable, you can use a http proxy or VPN proxy to register the new email account, open webmail and view logs.

VPN proxy is more secure than http proxy as the data transferred is encrypted. You can purchase vpn from PureVPN

For http proxy, there are lots of free proxies out there, you can search Google or go to Free Proxy websites.

2. Create a Gmail account
Gmail service is from Google, it is more secure than other email service providers as Google tends to protect users’ privacy on a top level.

Create free Gmail account from

3. Use FTP to receive logs
You can register free FTP accounts with VPN proxy from some webhosting providers and use FTP to receive logs, then it will be hard to be traced.

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