Employee Monitoring Keylogger for Mac OS X

Are you ready to monitor your Mac computers in the offices?

As an employer, you may find that it’s difficult to check how the employees perform on their computers during the working hours. Even though you can make a physical check on the devices sometimes – especially get off work, the full and real employee activities are not revealed. If the employees run Mac computers at home or delete any history after every day job, you will have little chance to get what you want.

Employee monitoring on Mac OS X

For employee monitoring keylogger, Aobo Mac Keylogger will be one of the best choices.

First, Aobo Mac Keylogger is a stealthy Mac monitoring program. Second, the Mac Keylogger helps employers to spy on staff for all sides: keystrokes, web sites, chats and more. Third, Aobo Mac keylogger enables employers to remotely monitor the staff. The keylogger will send logs with FTP for employers to check anytime.

As to the FTP method, you can set up the FTP account your local network server, then configure the FTP information on the keylogger interface. Aobo Mac Keylogger starts to upload the logs if your settings are correct.

Check Key Features of Aobo Employee Monitoring Mac Keylogger

  • Perform a stealthy monitoring status
  • Take notes of all typed keystrokes by the users
  • Remember all chats in iChat/AIM/Adium/Skype/MSN
  • Take notes of every visited website by the users
  • Take screenshots of the desktop
  • Forward the logs quitely by email or FTP
  • Security protection with password
  • Easy to use and set up

An alternative choice of Mac OS X employee monitoring solution is Easemon for Mac. You can install the Easemon Client onto the targeted OS X office computers within only one click, and then you can view and manage the logs by logging into the remote Easemon Cloud. This employee monitoring software for Mac OS X is favorable for extensive distribution, especially when it comes to educational institution and enterprises.

Monitoring of employees is an indispensable job of company managers. You can aware of the importance of an employee monitoring keylogger for Mac which help you to review the employee working status as well as daily communication. Get Employee Monitoring Keylogger for Mac now!

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