How to Track and Monitor Internet Use and Browser History on Mac

Do you want to monitor what your kids watch online? Or how do you figure out what your employees do online at work?

There is no doubt that the Internet has become an essential part of our life, and many people have been addicted to surfing the Internet because commonly they spend a lot of time on the Internet. Especially for young teenagers, there is a lot of harmful web pages on the Internet, such as violence, pornography, and more. If you want to track and monitor the Internet use and browser history on Mac, I think Aobo Keylogger for Mac is a good choice, why?

Aobo Keylogger for Mac is a good internet monitoring software for you to track all websites visited on your Mac computer. Even though the websites were visited in the incognito mode or the web history was deleted, it can still help you log all URLs of visited websites! Also, it can log the date and time when the websites were visited. In this way, you can easily know what your kids watch or what your employees view on the Internet. Aobo Mac keylogger software is easy to install and use, download it and have a try!

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