How to Track Web History with Spy Program for Mac?

I have two children, who both spend a lot of time on their Macs. Whenever I came into their rooms, they usually re-opened other websites, or changed to other windows, even closed the current websites they were visiting as quickly as they can. I suspected that they may visit some improper websites but I couldn’t find any clue in the web history. Is there any way for me to track web history on my children’s Macs?

Yes, when it comes to ensuring children safety on the Internet, proper education and some good parental control tools are the best choice for parents. A reliable and safe spy software for Mac is a good parental control tool for you because it helps you log almost everything your children do on their Macs such as all websites visited online, chat conversations sent and received on Skype, Adium, AIM, etc., keystrokes and passwords entered, social activities, screenshots, IP address and more. Besides, you are allowed to view all these logs remotely through your Email or FTP.

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