Is Mac Keylogger Software a Kind of Virus?

Do you have the experience that your accounts like Yahoo or email login in other unknown places or your emails are read even if you have never opened those emails before? Do you suspect that it is a keylogger causing the trouble?

It seems that keyloggers have received many bad raps as some people wrongly regard them as virus stealing private information. However, keylogger for Mac is neither spyware nor virus. Virus or other spyware is normally installed as a Trojan horse, then used to steal the users’ personal information like online accounts, bank account information, etc. A distinct feature of virus is that it is installed automatically and stealthily into your computer by malicious links or bundling to another piece of software and then infects your computer without your notice. Usually, they are vicious programs used by those evil guys to do bad things. However, if someone wants to install a keylogger for Mac in your computer, it is necessary for him or her to have physical contact with your computer. Otherwise, the keylogger for Mac can not be installed. Generally speaking, others can not install a keylogger in your mac without your permission unless they have other physical access to your computer. If you install a keylogger on your mac computer, all the activities on your computer will be under your nose, including when and how your computer is used.

All in all, keylogger for Mac is not virus stealing private information, but a piece of utility software spying on your computer.

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