Aobo Keylogger for Mac- Running Under Anti-virus

Not so long ago, I saw someone in Yahoo! Answers asking about if anyone can suggest keylogger per Mac software that is believed to be stealthiest. He said he was testing keylogger per Mac and so far there was no keylogger per Mac that can work under anti-virus programs. Actually, there is a keylogger per Mac that is able to get around anti-virus. It is called Aobo Keylogger per Mac.

Having been tested many times, Aobo Keylogger per Mac, with the full-scale features of keylogger, is approved to be undetectable by most of the anti-viruses, including the powerful Kaspersky. Aobo Keylogger per Mac is not a keylogger virus. That is why it cannot be detected by anti-virus. While many keyloggers may leave icons in the Dock, Aobo Keylogger per Mac is invisible from Dock and Menu Bar. Therefore, nobody will notice that a piece of monitoring software is running in background. In addition, with the built-in transferring feature, this keylogger per Mac can secretly send the monitoring logs to your E-mail.

If you are searching for a stealthy monitoring program, Aobo Keylogger per Mac is at your service. After being installed onto a certain Mac computer, it will stay completely undetected and hidden. Take it easy to use it as it cannot be detected and removed by anti-virus.

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