Keylogger for Mac Passwords

If you want to capture passwords with a keylogger for Mac, Aobo Keylogger for Mac passwords capturing software is the right tool for you.

Keylogger for Mac Passwords Only in Professional edition

Aobo Keylogger for Mac passwords recording feature is built-in the Professional edition of Aobo Keylogger for Mac.To get the passwords keystroke logger for Mac, you may purchase the Professional edition. You can also try the standard edition of Aobo safe keylogger for Mac to have an overview, but the Standard edition has no keylogger for Mac passwords recording feature, all the other features are same with the Professional edition keylogger for Mac.

When you search in for "Passwords keylogger for Mac", you may be looking for the passwords of Aobo safe Keylogger for Mac. This is not possible because the passwords for Aobo Keylogger are encrypted. There is no way to find Aobo monitor software on the Mac and hack into it.

What Kind of Passwords Can Aobo Keylogger for Mac Record?

  • Keylogger for Mac Passwords for Applications
    Aobo Keylogger for Mac records passwords for all applications such as Games, Browsers, Utilities. You can use the keylogger to record WOW passwords or iChat, AIM, Yahoo Messenger, MSN, Adium passwords.
  • Keylogger for Mac Passwords for Websites
    Aobo Keylogger for Mac records passwords for all websites such as,,,, With the keylogger for Mac passwords capturing of websites, you can know what passwords were used on your Mac and login to the accounts to check more information.
  • Keylogger for Mac Passwords for Mac System
    Aobo Keylogger for Mac has the ability to record system admin passwords when the user tries to install an application with admin privilege. This is used to know the new passwords after user changed passwords on the Mac.
  • Get Aobo Keylogger for Mac Passwords Professional Edition.

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