Keylogger Mac Monitors Employees’ Activity

Are you still bothered by your company’s economic benefit and your employees’ work efficiency? Now, Aobo Keylogger Mac, with the function to monitor employee activity, really does help you out of these troubles. You will never suspect that whether your employees play games or surf the Internet when expected to work. And you won’t guess whether they trade the company’ secrete material for their own interest. Because the Keylogger for Mac ensures you have the completely control over your employees’ activity in company.

The Keylogger Mac logs almost everything, such as the keystrokes pressed on the keyboard, the websites visited in Safari, Firefox and Chrome, the chat conversations in Skype, AIM, iChat, MSN and Adium, and the desktop screenshots captured. The logged information enables you to have a clear idea of what they did, whom they chatted with and what they talked about. The functions of Aobo Keylogger Mac can extend beyond simple logging. It also delivers the log reports to your Email and FTP space automatically, which gives you a hand to know their activities timely. Moreover, the logged screenshots can be shown in slide show form. Showing in this way can save you a sea of precious time.

The Keylogger Mac is executed automatically when the operating system boots. And the employee monitoring software works in hidden mode and makes itself invisible to anyone. That’s to say, your employees can hardly realize that they are monitored. When you find some inappropriate things shouldn’t be done at work hours, you can inform your employees and ask them to improve the productivity. It is good to keep on top of things and know exactly what is going on at all times. Thus this dependable Aobo Keylogger Mac is your best choice.

However, there is a better choice of employee monitoring solution for Mac OS X laptops for business managers – Easemon for Mac. The chief merit of Easemon is the ability to summarize almost every action performed on employee’s OS X computers and display in a centralized workstation, where multiple users can manage the logged data with different privileges. With Easemon, employers can easily and quickly discover the activities violating company rules or laws.

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