Does Mac Get Keylogger Trojan horses

The most important thing people are caring about while using a Mac computer is the security. Some of the users may be anxious: has my Mac gotten keylogger Trojan horses in some case or not? Though there are tons of stories you can find on the Internet, however, none of them give a clear answer to this question.

Today, we are going to analyze and give an exact answer "We are sure that there are keylogger Trojan horses for Mac". Though there are much less Trojan horses on Mac than on PC computers, every Mac user still has a chance to get a keylogger Trojan horse while using your Mac.

There are several ways to spread a Trojan horse from one machine to another. According to a fact, small USB devices (Hardware Keylogger) are the most common and dangerous approach. If a user inserts a USB hardware keylogger to your Mac, everything you typed on the keyboard and the computer will be recorded. Mac OS X is unable to protect the user while someone monitor the Mac with a hardware keylogger. The monitoring is proceeded outside the device, which is out of control by the Mac system. However, you don’t need to worry about a hardware keylogger since your Mac Books/MacBook Pros will be safe if you do not apply an external keyboard.

Besides the hardware keylogger, keylogger software is another type of keylogger Trojan horses. Even you are not using an external keyboard, people can still spy on you by physically installing a keylogger. It’s different from the hardware one, software keylogger works invisibly on the Mac device, so you can’t easily be aware of it and delete it timely. There are two conditions for people to install software keylogger onto your Mac Device: have the administrator password, or physically access to your Mac.

The Internet changes a lot. Keylogger is not a Trojan horse to affect people’s machine anymore, becasue it becomes a great tool for parents and company owners to spy on kids or staff. At the same time, Keylogger is developed to be much more powerful in features. Usually, a commercial keylogger has the ability to record keystrokes, websites and chat conversations.

To conclude, a keylogger will help Mac users a lot in their daily life if the keylogger is used in a legitimate way. What’s more, Mac system is the most safe operate system even you still have a chance to get a Trojan horse. So, enjoy your life with Mac as well as the helpful keyloggers we are talking about!

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