How to Make Aobo Mac Keylogger Record Passwords

To make Aobo Mac Keylogger record passwords, you need Aobo Mac Keylogger Professional Edition. If you have Standard edition and want to record passwords, please buy an upgrade version. It’s possible to record make Aobo Mac Keylogger record passwords on Mac computers.

Key Features of Aobo Mac Keylogger Professional Edition

Incorrect installation may result in the keylogger not recording passwords or even keystrokes. So please be careful when you install Aobo Mac Keylogger Professional Edition.

Besides recording passwords on Mac computers, Aobo Mac Keylogger Professional Edition also supports many other monioring features.

  • Monitor in an Invisible Mode
  • Capture all Keystrokes Typed
  • Log Every Password Entered
  • Keep Web History
  • Record IM Chat Conversations
  • Keep a Record of Email Content
  • Record Social Network Activity
  • Monitor YouTube Activity
  • Take Screenshot Periodically
  • Track Locations by IP Address
  • Send Logs Remotely to Email
  • Upload Logs Remotely to FTP
  • Support Multiple-User Monitoring
  • Install and Use It Simply
  • Set Password for Better Protection
  • Automatically Run on Mac

How to Make Aobo Mac Keylogger Record Passwords in Case of Password Recording Problem?

Please follow the below steps to fix it if your Keylogger Professional edition doesn’t record passwords.

  1. Please make sure you have uninstalled the standard trial edition according to the upgrade instruction if you installed standard edition or trial edition before
  2. Make sure you have Selected the Correct Version according your Mac OS X version. (Not required if you use 3.8 or above)
    • There are three versions of Mac Snow Leopard, Leopard and Tiger.
    • Please download Aobo Mac OS X Keylogger Professional Edition from the link in your order email according your Mac system edition.
  3. Before install, "Quick_Start" file carefully. Then install it according the steps in Quick_Start-Pro.pdf
  4. Be patient and type more than 200 keystrokes to test the keylogger.
  5. Reboot your Mac after installation.

You can also chat with our online support team to get help in real time. Go to Support Page and click “Live Help” to get the guide of making Aobo Mac Keylogger record password on Mac computers.

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