Protect Home Mac Security with Parental Controls Mac

As a responsible parent, in order to keep your children safe online, you are certain to want to find some ways to set limits to protect your home Mac security. Especially with dangers lurking in every corner and tons of raw, unfiltered content on the Internet, it is more important and necessary for parents to create a healthy online environment for the development of minors. Parental controls Mac generally refers to the software for parental controls which can be used to monitor and record your kids’ online activity so as to keep them safe.

You may think that you already have the built-in Parental Controls on your home Mac, but are you sure that these present features are enough to allow you to keep track of all their online behavior and completely keep them far away from online dangers, such as the adult websites, violent videos, online predators, cyber bullying and scammers. By this, there is no doubt that installing the parental controls Mac on the target Mac is your best choice to help you get hold of your children’s online activities any time.

So what can the parental controls Mac really do for you? Presumably, both your spouse and you are so busy with your work that you can’t spend much time with your children, let alone keeping a watchful eye on how often they use the computer, or what they usually do on the Internet and more. In this case, what can you do? If the parental control for Mac has been installed on your home Mac, you don’t have to worry about these problems at all. Because the parental controls Mac can largely help you keep tabs on everything happening to your children when they are playing the target Mac, keep logs of all their activities and send it to appointed email to make sure you are able to check it remotely.

Specifically, you can make full use of the parental control software to track a lot of things, such as recording all keystrokes typed on the Mac keyboard, websites visited on the Internet, chat conversations, email content, passwords entered, social networking activity, IP address, taking screenshots and so on. By checking the logs recorded by the parental controls Mac remotely, you can easily know what they view online, what they post or view on their social networks, who they often chat with, what they usually talk, what they often search on the Internet and more. From the detailed information, you can foresee timely what is dangerous for them and take action accordingly.

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