Protect Children from Danger by Mac OS X Lion Keylogger

Nowadays, almost every child has access to Internet due to the advance in technology. Being a parent, do you realize the dangers involved while your children are surfing the Internet? Would you like to find a solution that will enable you to exactly understand what your kids are doing with their Mac Lion without you watching over them? If your answer is yes, try Aobo Mac OS X Lion keylogger.

Aobo Mac OS X Lion keylogger is stealthy and easy-to-use monitoring software that allows you to secretly track all activities for all users and sends the logs to your e-mail account.

Aobo Mac OS X Lion keylogger records all keystrokes and passwords typed, chat conversations, applications launched, websites browsed etc. You can also set it to take screenshots for intervals.  In addition to that, this Mac OS X Lion keylogger run automatically when Mac starts and it is invisible from Dock and Menu Bar. It runs in complete stealth mode and nobody will notice its existence but you.

Does Aobo Mac OS X Lion keylogger do good to parents?

  1. Aobo Mac OS X Lion keylogger is completely stealthy. Your children will never know its existence.
  2. Aobo Mac OS X Lion keylogger is designed for parents. Therefore it is very easy to use and does not require any previous knowledge.
  3. Aobo Mac OS X Lion keylogger will provide parents’ with an accurate and comprehensive picture of all the activities performed on the target Mac.

It is necessary to install Aobo Mac OS X Lion keylogger as long as you want to keep your children away from risks.

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