Keep Track of All Activities on Skype with Skype Spy Software

Skype is a proprietary voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) service and software application that allows users to send instant messages, make voice calls, transfer files and hold video conversations over the Internet. As it is becoming more and more popular all over the world, so there is speculation about the safety and security of the application as well.

Skype spy software is a tiny piece of application that can be used on your Mac to help you keep track of all your kid’s activities on Skype. It is urgently needed by parents nowadays to monitor all things their children do on their Skype, because there are a lot of dangers occurring on Skype that many children would encounter.

Because the Skype provides completely free video calls and instant messaging for users to make them communicate with others more conveniently, many teens prefer to use it to chat with friends online. Considering this, the Skype spy software is becoming more important and indispensable for parents who want to protect your children’s safety on the Internet.

A 13-year-old girl, Betty really love to use Skype to chat with friends online. So, when a user with a screen name she didn’t recognize requested to chat with her, she accepted, thinking it was a friend from the neighborhood. After the request was accepted, a video started. It was a naked, middle-aged man inappropriately touching himself and sending equally inappropriate messages to her. The girl screamed for her mother, who immediately called the police. The incident is still under investigation.

Although many people have appealed that we should pay more attention to our children when they are surfing on the Internet, cases like this girl mentioned above still happen on a regular basis. Therefore, the Skype spy software is really needed for people to keep an eye on how their children behave on Skype, what they often do and whom they often chat with and much more.

So many people want to figure out what the Skype spy software actually do for people to protect their children on Skype. This Skype spy app is the best parental control software for all parents to monitor all things their kids do on their Skype. Firstly, this parental control app can help people record all keystrokes that users type on the target computer, which means that it also can help you record the user name and the password of your children’s Skype, even though the password is typed in hidden characters.

Apart from this, the Skype spy software can also record all instant messages of both sides your children send and receive on their Skype, so you can get all information that they chat with others on the Skype. Last but not least, this Skype monitoring software allows all users to capture screenshots in any interval that you can select in advance according to your need, so you can view clearly whom they often do video chat with on their Skype.

The Skype spy software works efficiently on the target computers to log everything happening on the Skype secretly, additionally, it includes many other powerful features that can provide better protection for your online security. For more information, please check: More Features of the Skype Spy Software.

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