Use a Mac keylogger to Get Back a Stolen Mac

I have 2 devices in my house, one is used for my work, and the other mac laptop is in my children’s room. Taking into account their online safety, I think parental control is necessary. At last, I got a trial of one type of mac keylogger. It can record all keystrokes typed on any application and capture the desktop screenshots, then secretly send the logs to my email. So checking emails becomes a routine. It was a normal day. After I finish the task, I opened my email and checked the new information as usual. It was an email from the Mac parental control software. The email showed clearly the websites visited, chatting messages and netgame screenshots. When I read the message of my 12-year-old girl, I smelled something. She was talking with a guy every late night during the past November. Am I too paranoid? I love my children and I would like to take any measure to protect them. I must be clear about the overall situation. But I was in the trial period and only 3 days left. After so nice a trial experience, I bought the keylogger service without hesitation, so I could get continued emails from the software. However, it never rains but it pours. The next day, a thief came when we were out. Loss was huge including 2 computers, one digital camera and bucks. I called the police, and they brushed me off. Obviously they had handled so many such cases. In these days, home burglary is on the rise. As to the thief, there was no clue. I never expect that I can get back my stolen computer one day. Learn more from Aobo Use a keylogger to get back a stolen Mac

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