Webmasters: Get Aobo Mac Keylogger for up to 60% discount

Webmasters: Get Aobo Mac Keylogger for up to 60% discount

Want to have quality Mac Keylogger but do not want to spend much money for that? We at Keylogger-Mac.com understand you very well and that’s why we decided to run this unique promo offer. We give away our products for up to 60% discount! That’s not a joke! Please read along to learn more.

In order to participate, please follow these simple steps:

Choose a link variant from the variants below
Please note, the higher the quality of the link, the more valuable software you can get for free (see below). For your convenience, you can simply copy the HTML code from one of the following boxes at your choice and paste it then to your website source.

Link variant 1
Link variant 2
Link variant 3
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Put the above link on your site
Please note, a website must meet the following conditions:

  • We do not accept porn, malware, hacker and other sites violating the laws.
  • We do not accept websites propagandizing violence, terrorism, racism etc. or having a rude or inappropriate content.
  • A website must be a quality commercial or non-commercial site or blog. Websites of webmastering and SEO theme will get higher priority.
  • The link put on the site must be placed exactly as it’s suggested in the above boxes, we do not accept altered links or links made through redirection. You can alter it though to make it better fit your design.
  • A page with the link must not be an “orphan” page, that is it must be linked from other pages.

Send us the URLs and Wait for the Confirmation Email with the Coupon Code
Depending on the quality of a linking website, we offer up to 60% discount to any Keylogger-Mac.com product of your choice.

The value of a product that you get depends on the PageRank value of the page with the link (not the home page of a site!). Here is a sheet with detailed explanation:

Google PageRank of a page, containing the link to Keylogger-Mac.com Our offer
PR=3 10% discount per each PR3 link (up to 60% for 6 links)
PR=4 20% discount per each PR4 link (up to 60% for 3 links)
PR=5 35% discount per each PR5 link (up to 60% for 2 links)
PR=6 or higher 60% discount per each PR6 link (up to 60% for 1 link)

The discounts are cumulative, so you can post four PR4 link, two PR3 links and get the top 60% discount!
Interested? Please Put one of the above links on your website, then fill out this short form below!

Full Name:  
Email Address:  

Disclaimer: Every link to Keylogger-Mac.com will be checked manually by our staff.

A link must be direct, non-javascript, non-hidden, non-cloaked, etc. A link must not be nofollow.

Several links on the same page count as one.

Within 48 hours after your submission you will receive a confirmation e-mail (to the e-mail address specified in the above form) telling you whether or not your submission is accepted.

We reserve the right to decline your submission for no explanation, you are willing to remove the link to Keylogger-Mac.com from your site in that case.

If your website is approved, the link to Keylogger-Mac.com must be visible and available on the corresponding page and the page must be available and visible both to humans and to search engines. You will receive the discount coupon to buy the keylogger according to the number and quality of links provided.

In the future, the link to Keylogger-Mac.com will be checked by our staff randomly. We reserve the right to nullify your license without any notice if the above terms have been violated, that is: if the link is removed or altered, if the linking page is removed, if the website doesn’t meet our requirements anymore (see above) etc.