OS X約塞米蒂間諜軟件更多功能

You may need to know OS X Yosemite spy software if you want to know your children better. Are you a full-time working adult? Are you a single parent of a rebellious teenager? If yes, then it would be quite hard for you to stay focused at work because most of the time you’d probably be wondering what your child is doing back home. At this age, children are inquisitive and likely to indulge in questionable activities and the easy access to the wrong doings today is inside your own home. In this case, the best OS X約塞米蒂間諜軟件 helps you feel much relieved.

Why OS X Yosemite Spy Software Is Helpful for Parents?

If you are thinking your child uses the internet only for educational purpose, then let us pop that bubble, you might be wrong. Your child may be misusing it for all the wrong reasons like socializing with strangers or watching adult content. You may not realize it until the damage is done. To enjoy the peace of mind at workplace while monitoring your child’s PC activities, it is important to install a cutting edge spyware on his/her computer. If your child has a Mac computer, install OS X約塞米蒂間諜軟件

OS X約塞米蒂間諜軟件 like Aobo Keylogger for Mac, is possibly your best bet when it comes to spying on Mac OS X users. It is compatible with and runs smoothly on Mac OS X interface. This keylogger for Mac is fully-featured and worth the money spent! Remember not all keyloggers are compatible with OS X Yosemite. Aobo keylogger is a Mac spy application exclusively designed to spy on users of Mac machines.

OS X約塞米蒂間諜軟件更多功能

再看頂部功能 OS X約塞米蒂間諜軟件 and you will understand how useful it is for you to strengthen parental control on your children’s Mac computers.


If you are worried about the epic ‘What if’ question, like what if your child finds out that you are spying on him/her then? Well, then you should know that this is never likely to happen. The OS X Yosemite parental control software runs invisibly and is undetectable. It does not show up anywhere on the Mac. This means, you can monitor your child’s activities, without him/her knowing about it.


This feature truly makes this keylogger for Mac stand out from the pack. It records each and every activity of the Mac user including passwords. Besides, the OS X約塞米蒂間諜軟件 records all the sites accessed keystrokes, chats and passwords of social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter. The keystroke logs are then exported into PDF and HTML format.


This is a great feature if your child spends endless hours behind closed doors chatting on the web. This software provides complete chat log of both sides conducted on popular instant messengers like Skype, iChat, AIM and Adium. There have been numerous cases where scammers have scammed innocent kids through these instant messengers. Sometimes these scammers even go as far as blackmailing victims. OS X約塞米蒂間諜軟件 is surely a great way to see who your child is talking to during ungodly hours and protect him/her from becoming prey to online scammers.


奧博鍵盤記錄 - 最好的 OS X約塞米蒂間諜軟件 enables you to view and check logs through remote locations with other devices like Windows PC, Tablet or your smart phone. This means you can enjoy peace of mind at work and focus on your job without being worried about what your child is doing at home over the internet. You can view all his/her internet activities from your workplace and protect your child from harm before it’s too late.

If you are parents who hope to keep the balance between family and work, then OS X約塞米蒂間諜軟件 such as Aobo Mac keylogger helps you a lot. Although you are busy with work, you still can keep an eye on your children’s Mac activities remotely. In this way, you are able to prevent potential dangers from happening in time.


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